RUBiS - History


March 24th 2004: Howto install RUBiS with JOnAS

A howto for installing RUBiS with JOnAS is now available in the documentation thanks to Jacques Cayuela from the JOnAS project.

RUBiS version 1.4.2 (March 2004)

This version includes a Session Facade with EJB 2.0 Entity Beans implementation and updated build.xml files for JOnAS.

February 4th 2004: Online Demo Available

An online demo of RUBiS is now available. This demo is powered by JOnAS 3.3.1 and uses the EJB CMP 2.0 version of the RUBiS benchmark (latest CVS version).

New Contributions to RUBiS (December 2003)

Mark Brody and George Candea from Stanford University wrote a guide to install RUBiS 1.4.1 on JBoss 3.2.2.
Daniel Pfeifer from University of Karlsruhe contributed his version of RUBiS which is fully controlled by ANT and includes a client emulator for Windows. The things he changed in RUBiS for his experiments are described in Section 5.1 of his paper. Download
Remigius Kuzyna from University of Muenster added some changes to the client emulator: LogWriter, initialization methods, etc. Download

RUBiS version 1.4.1 (August 2003)

Fixed Javadoc generation.

RUBiS version 1.4 (May 2003)

Tested with Tomcat 4.1.24, Jboss 3.2 and JOnAS 3.1.

RUBiS version 1.3 (6 Dec 2002)


  • Ant build.xml and files
  • support to generate war file
  • EJB implementation with Message Driven Beans (supports JBoss/JOnAS/MySQL)

RUBiS version 1.2 (10 Sep 2002)

This distribution includes the source code of the following implementations:

  • Distributed Java Client emulator (works with PHP, Servlets and EJB)
  • PHP
  • Servlets only
  • EJB implementation with Session Beans (supports JBoss/JOnAS/MySQL)
  • EJB implementation with Entity Beans with Container Managed Persistence and Database generated Primary Keys (supports JOnAS/MySQL/PostgreSQL, will not work with JBoss)
  • EJB implementation with Entity Beans with Container Managed Persistence and Bean generated Primary Keys (supports JBoss/JOnAS/MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • EJB implementation with Entity Beans with Bean Managed Persistence (supports JBoss/JOnAS/MySQL)
  • EJB implementation with facade Session Beans (supports JBoss/JOnAS/MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • EJB implementation with facade Session Beans and EJB 2.0 local interfaces Entity Beans (supports JBoss/JOnAS/MySQL)

RUBiS version 1.1 (25 Mar 2002)

Added PostgreSQL and EB BMP support.

RUBiS version 1.0 (8 Feb 2002)

Client emulator, PHP, Servlets only and EJB implementations (SB, EB CMP, Session Facade).

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